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"The passion in his voice is undeniable and as a listener we begin to feel every word of heartache and heartbreak."

Bes is a singer, songwriter, and producer whose starpower is on the rise. If one had to describe his music in three simple words, they would be emotional, experimental, and reflective. His life experience, combined with meditations on love lost and gained, create fodder for his lush and melodic melodies. Visually compelling with his warm eyes and gray goatee, Bes wants to share his sound with anyone that loves great music, labels and boxes not included.


Bes takes his unique sound far and wide, performing in venues all across New York City and beyond. His shows are an immersive, intimate experience that leaves the audience feeling spiritually and emotionally fed. The care that he puts into connecting with his fans is what makes his concerts truly memorable.


A champion of purity, Bes believes that music is not meant to be divided, categorized, and parceled for the most profit. It should, instead, be enjoyed by all who wish to consume it. Serving up his music as a mirror and sounding board, Bes would like to spread the message that true happiness is in the hands of the individual, so it is in our best interest to live as authentically as possible and know that we all control the pendulum swing.

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