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Electronic Press Kit



//  Origin:  New York, NY
//  Genres:  Soul, R&B
//  Website:
//  Facebook:  @besmusictv
//  Instagram:  @bes_music_
//  Youtube:  Bes Music
Short Bio

Bes is a NYC-based singer, songwriter, and producer whose starpower is on the rise. If one had to describe his music in three simple words, they would be emotional, experimental, and reflective. His life experience, combined with meditations on love lost and gained, create fodder for his lush and melodic melodies. Visually compelling with his warm eyes and gray goatee, Bes wants to share his sound with anyone that loves great music, labels and boxes not included.

Love or Lust Official Video



Info & Booking:

PR: Ashley Heckstall |

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