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Brooklyn Queen

This song represents for me an unparalleled focus of making these sounds that are in me manifested. I'm truly amazed when I create music in that place of creation I'm looking for that combination of notes. In that place their is no future, past or problems just intent. My skill level of instruments is poor or basic but I've learned and watched how skilled musicians play all my life to have an understanding of how it works, plus I have an ear.

Through patients and just feeling I put this song together which actually was a friends B-day gift, she wanted me to create a classic feeling song as her present. It was so great to me I felt I had to share it with the world even though she made me promise not to share it with anyone, but I had my fingers crossed. Yes she was mad as hell when she found out that was going to releasing it.

My vision of the music video was just to bring the simplicity of falling in love without the gimmicks, of course in the beautiful borough of Brooklyn New York City. Thanks to Jay Michaels and friends we made it happen.

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