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How did I get here???

I was working hard for other people in the music business,believing their ideas and marketing their products. Theirs security just playing a role in someone else focus and not challenging myself to make my dream a reality.

So after some time tired of doubting myself, I faced my fears and I jumped out. My first idea to establish myself was not in music but health. Over the years learning about the food industry, and how it plays a role in our health. I decided to go vegan and become a public speaker. However public speaking wasn't my passion even though it's extremely important to me to give information on those subjects. Music has always been my passion but It's the combination of music, and how I made myself and others feel doing music, that gives me a greater sense of purpose. I wanted to put the messages in the music, make people dance, reflect on relationships that we may have all experienced.

Inspired by other performers in the subway, I started entertaining on the trains which at first was hard. Because New Yorkers are not on the trains to see a concert. As time went on I’ve learned how to master the situation of inspiring smiles and head nods to the music.The trains has been my gym that strengthens my singing and performing skills. Also a social experiment observing how I effect people with music and their reaction. Here is and example of my train performance with Kafele who is incredible musician playing the Cornet.

So here I am expanding my reach to inspire smiles, so stay tuned its about to get serious with a lot of good music, with heart felt relatable subject matter and music videos.

Check out “Love don’t make it right”

Make sure to also subscribe to my youtube channel

I definitely can encouragement and opinions, or just reach out.

P.S I also still plan to give info on health so look out for that information.

you can always email me Live@besmusictv

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