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My Best Moments On Performing On The Train

Hello everyone, I hope all is well. Do you know what your passion is? Are you living your passion? I use to think my passion was music, but that has changed. Music is actually a tool for what I really love. Which is to inspire people to smile, think, and be the greatest versions of themselves. My passion has lead me to journey in the NYC subways. The NYC subway has been my training ground to become a better performer & singer. The subway has taught me about human nature and how connected we all are. Looking to entertain people that didn't come to hear you who are just interested getting to their destination, has been a great experience and challenge. I have met other incredibly talented people in the subway and sometimes we team up to fight against the NYC somberness, to bring a smile to the masses. This is just snippets of some of those great moments. I hope the video will inspire you to smile. Have a beautiful day and let me know what your passion is.

Take a listen to my single love or lust

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